This is a little nostalgic. Yaquina Bay was one of the first bands I interviewed when I started writing for this rag. That interview was way back in September of 2015 for their last album, Past Lives. This time around, they’re promoting their brand-new-self-titled EP, which releases March 2nd at Mississippi Studios. But you should come see them in Salem on the 3rd, because that’s where you’re from – SALEM. If you remember, they recorded “Past Lives” themselves in a couple of old empty houses. For this release, they recorded at Trash Treasury studio in SE Portland, where it was produced by Adam Beck. They then mixed it in Salem in the basement of IKE Box. Their Past Lives LP found Christopher Ward, main writer and lead vocals, battling with a newfound depression that he hasn’t quite shaken yet. Even though, this EP sounds more hopeful to me. It pops more. Perhaps it’s the production. They’ve still got their trademark orchestral feel with the strings peppered tastefully throughout. Ward’s vocals are nicely mixed clear and upfront. Which especially works when the lyrics are worth listening to. And speaking of lyrics, you can always tell Chris is from Oregon with his many references throughout his songs. My favorite song is Gold Hill – super melodic and has an instantly catchy keyboard intro. Chris told me it’s their favorite too. Look on their Facebook for their new video for “Gold Hill.” If you’ve seen this and their past video for “Cleanse” off Past Lives, you might wonder if Christopher has it out for his bandmates. You’ll see what I mean when you watch both videos. And yes there may be a pop quiz next issue. Also on the bill is the Portland based DoublePlusGood – a lush, indie, surf type of thing; and Misty Mouth – an Americana band from Eastern Oregon. Yaquina Bay is a serious band. They don’t only play shows, they make albums and videos and they tour (leave Salem). But they’re back at the Space on March 3rd. Go buy their wares. Invest local. The show is $8 in advance and $10 at the door.