Once in a while, Gov Cup has a big show on Saturday, and this is one of them. Y La Bamba hails from Portland, from their bio: “Y La Bamba is an enigmatic indie folk-pop project fronted and led by singer and songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza. The group’s sound weds Mexican folk styles — from mariachi, nueva cancion, and norteño to American folk-rock and dreamy indie pop. Mendoza sings in Spanish and English. Her parents hail from Mexico. Though born in San Francisco, she was raised in Southern Oregon and spent her childhood summers in California’s San Joaquin Valley with cousins. There Mendoza absorbed the melodies, three part-harmonies, and folktales of traditional Mexican mariachis. In 2003, she took a trip to India where she fell ill. It was there that she developed the expansive spiritual worldview that would inform her future music.” Kera & the Lesbians are here from Los Angeles and call themselves, “bipolar folk from Southern California.” From LA Weekly: “For a few years now, Kera & the Lesbians — made up of [Kera] Armendariz and a rotating cast of supporting musicians — have built a reputation as one of the best live acts in Los Angeles, thanks mainly to the irrepressible energy of their frontwoman.” I listened to their album on bandcamp, and it’s fabulous. Every song sounds different, ergo – bipolar? Swinging, twangy, rockin’ and even a little humorous Excited to see the live show. $10.