by Aaron Nash

Over the years, many hip hop events are thrown but very few are put together to celebrate the culture’s women of hip hop. It is known that women aren’t as prominent on the hip hop scene as their male counterparts, so it is always exciting when an all female lineup is organized to truly showcase some of the best female talent that can be found in the Northwest. There have been a few of these local showcases in our area over the years, with various local promoters, and there without a doubt should be more.

This particular event has been put together by the Goonsquad World Wide team of DJ’s ClamChop and BreeZe. Both men have worked various events around the Northwest from PDX to Eugene, which explains their ability to observe the music scene from that DJ spot on stage, where they really found the right performers for this event.

I spoke with BreeZe and asked him why booking this as an all female show was important to their team, “Well, because we feel like we haven’t been giving the chance to female artists who want to come show their talents, perform on a good stage, feel that stage presence, and have the chance to perform in a different city. The goal is to have more female artists feel comfortable with what they love to do and show their talents. We want to bring more female artists out for shows, so this is a way to have them be at one place at the same time. They can even make connections with other artists and expand themselves.”

BreeZe also added, “We just want to make everyone feel equal.”

Fahari is also a familiar face to Salem and no stranger to a microphone or the big stage that the Shotski’s venue possesses. Her performances are always epic and emotionally charged, and if you haven’t seen her before? Then you’re in for a soulful treat!

I asked Fahari what it meant to her to be a part of an all woman show, “It’s dope. Female artists, especially female hip hop artists bring such a different flavor and life to the music. I’m usually the only female on hip hop bills and I’m just really excited to create and be a part of something that will showcase the amazing female talent within our music community.”


She isn’t wrong! I even found that a perk in writing about this event is I had the pleasure of listening to something new. These women are strong lyricists and full fledged artists. I mean, from what I heard? NinaXO may very well be able to out-rap the best emcees in the whole Northwest! (And that’s just a rapper being real about another rapper here. *Salute*)

Goonsquad World Wide has thrown many amazing shows for the Salem, Eugene, and Portland community (Such as Dizzy Wright in June 2017), and in my opinion this one is no different! The spotlight will be on some of the freshest women in Oregon hip hop. Goonsquad’s Women’s Live Hip Hop Showcase will be at Shotskis Wood Fired Eats, Thursday, November 8th at 10pm. The full list of performers: Jenna Sapp, NinaXO, Vicky Loveless from Portland; Madison Paige from Eugene; and Salem’s own Fahari. Free show.

Author Bio: Aaron Nash, aka ThatKidCry is a rapper, writer, father, and promoter from the Oregon Coast who was transplanted into the Salem hip hop scene back in 2012. See him do his thing at The Jones Pajama Jammie Jam at Shotskis, Friday, November 2nd.