Indigo Wellness’s Dr Zohra Campbell wants Salem to vote and “keep the dialogue going!”

This year Salem voters will have the opportunity to recover from the General Election with a free experience in yoga or massage.

That’s because Dr Zohra Campbell of Indigo Wellness Center is inviting any voter to send her a photo of themselves with their ballot for a chance to win their choice of a 10- class pass or massage at Indigo Wellness, located in the Pringle Park Plaza.

“The more angry and disillusioned people feel, the more likely they are to disengage,” Campbell says. “That’s not a good direction. We need the voice of all the people to be heard.”

With a contentious mid-term coming on November 6 and many discouraged by current news reports, Campbell says she “wondered, what I personally could do to help ‘get out the vote?’” Then she thought of this idea.

“I do believe we never know how far-reaching the smallest act of compassion or benevolence will be,” Campbell says. “If we all do our part, energy will begin to shift and a movement will be able to grow. Something more like peace, love and understanding.”

Campbell believes that even reminding each other to vote, with an effort like this one, is important. Her company, Indigo Wellness Center has offered wellness services such as chiropractic, massage and yoga since 2004.

“Willingly or unwillingly,” Campbell says, “silence is consent. Desperate times call on us to get involved and help shape our future.”

If you’re voting on November 6, she encourages you to email a photo of yourself with your ballot to:

The lucky winner will be announced soon after the election.

“Everyone should be involved in this process,” she says. “We should all keep the dialogue going.”