In this charming and surprisingly moving comedy, four women who need to escape from their lives, meet in a ‘hot yoga class’ and quickly find that real friendship is what they needed rather than slow death by hot yoga. The ever exuberant Jinx, (Laura Davis), urges her three new friends to take some risks and live a little. The three friends, Dot, (Lesley Johnson) who is coming to terms with her husband’s death, workaholic Randa (Nancy Moen) and recently dumped and divorced Marlafaye (Roxanne Clarke) share the ups and downs of life with humor, alcohol and empathy. The laughs come so fast you can’t afford to blink—‘So, I take it you don’t work out that much either?’—‘Please. If it weren’t for mood swings, I’d get no exercise at all’. Challenged by the enthusiasm of self-proclaimed life coach Jinx they find the courage to face the situations that confront them and jump-start their lives via salsa dancing, role playing and hours of conversation supported by a little sipping—bourbon, mojito, long island ice tea, madeira, and champagne. ‘Maybe the first thing we should tackle is spontaneity!’ As Jinx continually urges the women to step outside their comfort zone, hilarious moments occur as each of them are challenged to look for what they feel they’ve lost.  The four friends stumble together through a merry go round of experiences and discover some fundamental truths together—it is never too late to make new friends, life is to be lived in the moment not in the past and that life can continue to offer the unexpected.

Directed by Jeff Witt and Dani Potter on a stunning Southern veranda set by Chris Benham and rich, colorful costumes, this delightful witty comedy reminds us of the substance of friendship. The cast is terrific, all possessing great timing, energy, humor and compassion. As Jeff Witt observes: ‘This funny and touching play is all about growing stronger in later life through new and renewed connections and friendships’. The Savannah Sipping Society premiered at the Gypsy Theatre Company, Georgia, 2016 and has been delighting audiences ever since.


Aug. 18 – Sept. 8  7:00 PM.

Pentacle Theatre

 324 52nd Ave. NW, off Highway 22, about 6 miles west of downtown Salem, Oregon.

 Tickets range in price from $24-29.

BOX OFFICE: (503) 485-4300

Photo above: L to R. Dot (Lesley Johnson), Jinx (Laura Davis), Randa (Nancy Moen), Marlafaye (Roxanne Clarke).
Photo credit Lonnie and Kim Thurston.