by Scott Ludford

As high school students, our priorities revolve around our school work, extracurricular activities, future plans, and, when time allows, our social lives. In other words, we have enough on our plate. Having the constant stress of finding a parking spot should not be added to the abundance of school-related concerns students already have. While this may not stand out as a large problem given that it only affects students who drive to school, it is actually a much bigger issue than that.

At our school, there is not a single person who has not heard about or been affected by the lack of parking. The way the parking is set up is simple. There is a student lot with around 60 spots available for student parking, and the rest of the students must park throughout the neighborhood. The neighborhood parking was not a problem until some residents became frustrated with cars being parked in front of their houses and decided on implementing 90-minute parking signs. In my opinion, this is merely a side effect of choosing to live next to the school. Regardless, the streets near South High are now inundated with 90-minute parking signs.

The duration of time in which one can park at these signs is a big problem, along with the fact that we are unable to move to another 90-minute spot once having already parked at one. If we do move to another 90-minute spot, we could receive $30 tickets. This has created various problems that the majority of student drivers have encountered. These issues would include, but are not limited to-

· Parking Tickets

· Being late to class

· After school detention

· Crowded streets

· Unsafe road conditions

The implementation of these signs is unfair and unjust. These actions are being used as a way to benefit the city by preying on high school students who simply are trying to attend class. Several students at our school have already sent out letters, as it is a major concern to us. The majority of students at South would be more than willing to discuss our stance and opinions as well as listen to what others have to say. All we want to do is to find a solution to this problem in order to make things easier for both the residents, as well as the students.

-Scott Ludford, Senior at South Salem High School