United Sound Collective presents! This is going to be a wild one, Salem. Buckle up. This is a metal show, or “chaotic rock” as Medford’s Steaksauce Mustache lists in their bio. But these guys aren’t your typical thrash metal band. They have an absurd and witty sense of humor. For example their latest album, “Eat What We Kill for You,” has titles such as, “Moby Dickface,” “Pass the Fist, Pacifist,” and “You Don’t Piss on Hospitality.” They’re goofy, have beards, and wear sweaters. It’s a whole ‘nother thing. And they are insane on stage. I haven’t seen them personally, but my lord, the videos. Local musician/booker Justin Stimson saw them a couple years ago at the Fifty and was blown away, “Super high energy, spastic, proggy and wild weirdness with sweat flying…[they] should be witnessed while they are in town.” This show kicks off a 19 show tour…in 19 days, no less. That is quite an undertaking for a DIY type of joint. Also on the bill is American Standards from Phoenix, AZ. Also in the chaotic hardcore genre, but darker. They’ve been through some tragedy in the last several years. Their latest album, “Anti-Melody,” comes after losing their founding guitarist to suicide and the vocalist losing his dad to cancer. From their bio: “‘Anti-Melody,’ which is the bands 4th release, displays the noise-punk outfits ability to navigate the troubled waters of depression and loss while still incorporating the social commentary and sharp wit that the band has become known for.” And if this wasn’t enough, Salem’s own When the Broken Burn and Dead Thrall will be their host bands. AND! This is an all ages show! Yes, I used an exclamation point! AND! It’s only five bucks. What else you got going on Tuesday? That’s what I thought.