Oregon continues to be beset by a vigorous, invasive plant that shades out natives. Originally from Eurasia, present here for only 15 years, the species known as shiny geranium has now become well established in the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Tolerant of both shade and wet soils, arid areas and lack of rain, it is considered a nuisance plant that dominates areas by smothering the seedlings of native perennials and early spring wildflowers.

Its forcefully-ejected seeds can travel up to 20 feet when disturbed, and can attach to people and animals, traveling with them considerable distances to propagate.

There are no approved biological controls for shiny geranium. Other than herbicides, the best method to rid an area of it, is to dig out plants completely, roots and all. Repeated flaming works. In one study, vinegar and hot water (1:2) were shown to reduce infestations by 99%.