I don’t think Salem is alone in the phenomena: people only go see bands that their buddies and/or children are in. Did you know that Salem has a variety of venues offering a variety of genres? Hiphop, country, noise, Latino, blues, indie, metal, punk, and more? Did you know that people kept writing music after 1986? It’s true. There are so many artists in town that want to play music for you, but you have to go see them. Local music scenes don’t thrive and survive unless people participate. Salem is in a bit of a venue drought right now. Yeah yeah…I know if you’re in a cover and/or tribute band, you’re probably doing just fine. How many times can you listen to The Boys are Back in Town? There are original artists who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their own original music that perform weekly and I’d say they’re struggling right now. They need you! I’ve seen the Salem scene suffer before and we lose all our good artists to bigger places like Portland and Seattle. Go support local music! Try something you’ve never tried before – meet people you’ve never met before – try a venue you’ve never been to before. Grow some new neural networks and get those synapse firing. Ward off the dementia! Whatever it takes.