When Asia Kindred Moore tells you to listen to something, listen to it. Also, I don’t know how she gets involved in these amazing groups from around the world, but thank all the gods she does. This is going to be a mystical evening of dark folk: Galician folk music, to be exact. And you’re probably not going to have very many chances to experience this, so my suggestion is to go see this show. I put on their latest album, “Noite,” (on bandcamp) and I laid back and kind of left my body for a while. It was a much appreciated journey. The music originates from the Atlantic coast of Spain, but there are Gaelic and Celtic influences as well. It’s transcendent and absolutely beautiful. I’d be tempted to dress in some Ren Faire garb, but then my secret would get out. This is all ages until 9:55pm, and the cover will be a sliding scale $7-$10.