Ever heard of ‘The SoundWaves’? A twenty eight member, acapella all female singing group, that has been delighting audiences in and around Salem for seventeen years. SoundWaves has just given their 500th performance and are preparing for the next one with rehearsals every Saturday morning. Their founder and director, Sally Bone, is a force to be reckoned with, she single handedly selected every singer from random venues such as coffee shops, fast food venues, streets, department stores and even the local wine and cheese events. You never really know your neighbors, even though you might chat at the mailbox or wave as you pass by. Sally Bone’s neighbors would be amazed to discover that this charismatic eighty eight year old has been an esteemed member of Sweet Adeline’s since 1957. Her quartet, ‘The Galaxies’ were the regional champions in 1967 and they sang for six weeks on The Lawrence Welk Show. Sally was a member of the Sweet Adeline international faculty for eight years. She is now a permanent life member.

As a music teacher Sally taught Roy Orbison’s son and Julie Andrews granddaughter in California and Dick Van Dyke sang to her in a barbershop quartet! Sally moved to Salem in 2000 with her husband Norm Bone, a noted barbershop quartet singer – yes, they met singing! ‘Music has always been my life, I don’t know what I’d do without it’ (Sally).

Sally Bone

In 2001 when she was swimming with friends at the Courthouse gym, the idea for an acapella group formed and with Sally at the helm, SoundWaves was born. Both singer and director Sally has brought the group to its current success, she sings each of the four parts, sending every new singer a recording of each section and spends many hours in the week teaching and rehearsing the tenors, basses, baritones and leads. The group sings with great joy and love for their community at weddings, Senior Centers, department stores, local charities, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

Sally Bone has brought real happiness, community and joy to Salem through her love of music, she has changed lives for the better and brought a zany sense of humor to everyone she meets. We are so lucky Sally is in the neighborhood!




Story by Jade Rosina McCutcheon