The Salem Housing Authority was awarded a $150,000 grant by the Meyer Memorial Trust Foundation, which will be used to fund a full-time Service Coordinator Case Manager for Homeless Rental Assistance Program (HRAP). Salem’s HARP is the largest “Housing First” program in Oregon. The program combines rental assistance, intensive case management services, and funding to help meet the needs of the chronically homeless by connecting them to available programs, resources, and social services.

The goal of the HRAP is to reduce the number of chronically homeless individuals in Salem and house 100 of those “hardest to house” in its first year. The individuals served by HRAP often face untreated mental illness, addiction, and chronic illness – conditions which are worsened by homelessness. These difficulties, along with other barriers to finding housing, such as criminal history, evictions, and spotty rental history, all contribute to a challenging set of problems for the HRAP client. The Service Coordinator Case Manager will be responsible for weaving together the network of clinical, treatment, and supportive services to enable the homeless client to establish and maintain long-term housing.