The City’s Comprehensive Park System Master Plan calls for more Community Parks especially in northeast Salem. The Council authorized the purchase of a 45.26 acre parcel at 3950 Hazelgreen Road NE for the eye-popping price of $2,940,000 or approximately $65, 000 an acre.

The site, which is undeveloped farm land, is located about one quarter of a mile east of the intersection of Portland Road and Hazelgreen on the south side of the street. It is not currently in the city limits. The seller is Hazelgreen LLC whose member is Cletus L.Woods. The sale is scheduled to close, subject to certain conditions, within 60 days of signing.

Due to vagaries in City budgeting it is easier to purchase park land than to develop and operate it as a park. Accordingly it is unlikely that the property will become an operating park in the near future.