Yep. It’s Fair season in Salem, Oregon. Summer’s winding down, the crickets are out in force, and the Oregon State Fair comes to town bringing their annual lineup of music. The main acts perform at the LB Amphitheater, but there are also some smaller stages inside the fair itself. Please visit their website to see all the attraction at, but I’ll hit some highlights here. At the Amphitheater stage Styx already played last week. Coming up on Thursday, August 30th is Kool in the Gang with The Village People. Thursday is also $3 admission day, and you can see this show for the price of admission! That’s crazy. There are cover bands in town that charge more than this. Kool and the Gang had some great hits in the 80s, of course – Village People. I’d pay even more to see this. Then on Friday, August 31st is John Kay and Steppenwolf with The Guess Who. The admission Friday is $5. Again, bargain city. BUT, we’ve got some locals playing at smaller stages. Brady Goss, “blazing piano chops,” and Junebugs, “high-energy folk rock, will be rocking the Spirit of Oregon Stage various days throughout the duration of the fair. Local sweethearts Wild Ire will be rocking on Monday, September 3rd at 2pm, again at the Spirit of Oregon stage. This is by no means a complete schedule of music.