The picks are a little Space heavy this issue, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. And it’s a little sad heavy too. There is no way I couldn’t give a nod to Salem’s own Orchards’ farewell show. They’re not leaving, they’re just not going to be playing anymore. And it’s not a break up either. All the members are still actively involved in all sorts of music in town: Daniel Loren, Aaron Branam, and Adam Debates are now all in the band Brides with Jocelyn Paige; Lizzie Brock left a while ago to play with Tied To A Grizzly; Alex Geiszler didn’t get back to me (my fault for procrastinating), but he’s a fantastic drummer and pianist, so I’m sure he’s got something in the works; and Stan Keightley is plenty busy providing the best sound for local and touring bands alike at The Space. So everybody is still around and still friends and still making great things happen. Every band on this bill is great. I’m glad they’re starting it early to fit it all in. $7. All Ages til 9:55pm.