This will be the first time Portland’s Nasalrod will be playing at Salem’s premiere music club, and frankly, I’m stoked to see it. Frontman Jeffrey “Chairman” Couch is famous for his jump kicking and general frolicking about, and I wonder how he’s going to negotiate The Space’s limited headroom. He’s a pro – I’m sure he’ll figure a way around it. Nasalrod just released their first full length album, “Building Machines,” and have already been promoting it up and down the Eye Five corridor. In fact, as of February 6th, they only had 7 copies of their limited splatter vinyls left, and that’s before they went on a little mini-tour up through Bellingham and Seattle. They’ll also be showing their brand new video of “Wage Slave” off their new album. If you haven’t seen Nasalrod, it’s time you did. To say they’re high energy is simply understating it. They’re a heavy mix of metal, jazz, punk, and art. Supporting them on the bill is local heavies Orchards, Acting Captain (fka The Pumps), and math rock newbies Mandark. It’s gonna be a barn burner. $5

*Disclosure – I am in a relationship with the guitarist from Nasalrod. In an effort to stave off any appearance of impropriety, I thought you should know. But, in a small town with an even smaller music scene, I’m going to have to feature one of his several bands, sooner or later. In fact, I think I actually do him a disservice most of the time by NOT reporting on his many endeavors in the Salem music scene because of my fear of looking like I play favorites. But since Nasalrod has been packing houses from Bellingham to San Pedro, have a new video out, and a new full length LP, I thought it would be appropriate. Peace.