Staff favorite, Kalaloch – say “clay-lock”- is releasing their second, all-analog, full-length album, “Pacific Shores.” And oh baby, I love it. Another nine songs with Alex’s immaculate guitar tones and wife Jen’s hauntingly dark vocals. I’ll be honest, I’ve not listened to it enough to tell you all the things I love about it, but it is just lovely. Alex and Jen are the proprietors of the recently defunct Possum House – they’re moving north. Let’s give them an equally lovely send off. Something else exciting is happening on this bill. Jeremy Wilson AND Eric Lovre, both of legendary Salem band Dharma Bums are getting together to play songs FROM THE DHARMA BUMS! So, you kind of have to put on your combat boots and flannels and go see this show. Don’t you think? Also on the bill is Portland’s singer/songwriter Sarah Parson and Salem’s Bryan Mudrick of Human Shaped Earth. Lots to see on this bill for $5. All ages until 9:55pm.