Jon Fro is one of the most down-to-earth, hard working, honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get guys in the Salem music scene. He is one of the first folks I interviewed when I started this gig, and he helped me enormously in connecting with elements of the scene I didn’t know about. He’s not pretentious in person or in song. He periodically puts on these acoustic showcases, and when he does, I’ll tell you to go. Not only do you get the solid earnestness of Jon Fro’s acoustic work this night, you get Jesse Ruggles. You can’t even talk about the music scene in Salem, past or present, without Jesse’s name being liberally sprinkled throughout. He has been at it for over 40 years, and aren’t we blessed for that. He’s a multi instrumentalist who has mad respect from pretty much everyone I talk to. Kevin (damn) Hansen, local musician, booker, and longtime close friend and collaborator of Jesse’s had this to say, “Jesse is the ONLY guitar player I have ever played with or met or heard that could just listen to four or five tunes and then play them the next day or a few hours later and rock that song on down. No matter what he was playing or playing through, it sounds amazing.” Stan McMahon has often called him, “brilliant.” And Jon presents to you an intimate, acoustic evening with this local legend. Brilliant. Also on the bill is A Fretful Devil, which is a folk/roots/indie project by Louis Russell, and Christopher and Julia Lute, a project that Jon saw and loved and is bringing to Salem. This is a free show.