I think I told you once, but I’ll tell you again. The Space has been doing these early shows on Sunday, which is cool for a lot of reasons. One, hang on to the weekend! And it’s early enough, you can still see the show and get to bed at a decent hour so you can get up and make the donuts. Two, they always feature locals. Three, it’s all ages. Oh by the way, The Space is always all ages now, every night until 9:55pm. I’m not sure why 9:55pm. Probably something to do with the OLCC or the ATF or FBI or something. C Wiesner will be doing his solo acoustic stuff. He’s a member of Nodding Tree Remedies, who will be playing a show at The Space on May 20th for The Space’s 2nd year anniversary AND for their record release (more details to come on that). The Paintings are a new Salem band comprised of Tim Knight of Guitar Castle fame, Jayson Selander, and Aldo Calrissian. Aldo does a lot of solo stuff, but he’s also the lead for Salem band Dusk’s Embrace. I haven’t seen them around. Anyway, this trio should be interesting; it’s got some Salem royalty in there. And the JLS Project is from Sweden, and I tried to find something on them, but everything is in Swedish! Go figure. Well, it will be a surprise. I’m sure a pleasant one. Rock/Experimental. Free Show.