The JaSkaMon (meaning “spirit, music, humanity”) project has been toiling away at their passion of fusing catchy pop to reggae, ska, and soca beats for the last five years, and is set to share their creations live with Salem, Oregon at the Space Concert Club.Led by singer-songwriter-guitarist Barry Klusman, JaSkaMon has five CDs released in as many years, the last two recorded right here in Salem at Wavelength Studios.”People need the option of feeling good, and that’s one of reggae’s qualities, along with messages of social justice, unity, and environmental concerns”, says Klusman. “And as I always say, “It’s all in the groove! Get up, dance and let a smile come to your face.” Opening for JaSkaMon is talented loop artist Saundra Perrin whose soulful, sultry voice is finally being heard by valley audiences.The Space Concert Club is located at 1128 Edgewater St NW, Salem, Oregon. $5.