If you’re involved in the music scene in Salem, you know Jarred Venti, at least his name. And if you’re not, you’ve probably seen him play. He’s played bass in so many groups, one-offs, and tributes – I don’t have the space to list them all. Recently he played bass for the hugely popular David Bowie tribute band, “Heroes and Rebels,” and is now in a Portland/Salem hybrid band, “Sleep Millennium.” Every year he holds his own birthday party, which I totally endorse. I hate waiting around for people to surprise me with a birthday party: so do it yourself. This year it’s at Venti’s Cafe downtown. The lineup is: RiverCity Royals, a group from the rock academy where he teaches; Lords of Blackpool, a 60s British Rock tribute (which he plays bass), local legends M69s, and Jarred Venti’s Narcissistic Birthday Band, whose members are a secret. Jarred says you have to wait until the show to find out who they are, but there are clues floating around “out there” for anyone interested. The show is all ages until 9pm and free.