Flanked by two well-known political analysts, Salem City Club’s fall season is once again underway with debates and civic forums ranging from statewide measures to congressional races.

This fall SCC’s Informed Voter Series include programs from September through November. It opened with Oregon’s most quoted political analyst Jim Moore “reading the tea leaves” for predictions on Oregon’s gubernatorial race, ballot measures and efforts to change the partisan balance in the Oregon State legislature.

“Not only was Moore entertaining but his enlightened look at the Oregon electorate was fascinating,” SCC program committee chair Sharon Pierson says. “No wonder he is known as the state’s civic instructor.”

Bill Mainwaring, series chair, featured the race for the Fifth Congressional District in the group’s second program on September 21. “Salem City Club members and the community, in general, are always interested in this district as it represents voters on the central coast, in Oregon’s capital city, in the southern Portland suburbs clear to the summit of Mount Hood,” Mainwaring says. “Hearing from Congressman Kurt Schrader (Democrat), currently serving his fifth term in the US House of Representatives, and his challengers, Marvin Sandnes (Green Party) and Mark Callahan (Republican Party) is always near the top of our program list.”

Former SCC President and long-time member of the program committee Cindy Condon says, “Salem City Club does a great job producing interesting programs featuring experts on important topics impacting our community. I love SCC because it pulls the community together for learning and conversation. The Informed Voter Series will help me be a more informed citizen and voter.


Exciting and vital programs remain in the City Club’s fall “Informed Voter Series,” line up, including:

October 12, 2018

A debate on Ballot Measure 104, which proposes an amendment to the Oregon State constitution to definitely apply the 3/5’s supermajority vote needed for increasing taxes to any legislation that increases revenue through changes in fees, tax exemptions, credits, and deductions.

Shawn Cleave, representing the Yes on 104 Campaign on behalf of the Oregon Association of Realtors, will speak in support of the measure. Speaking on behalf of No on Measure 104 campaign, Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett will present comments and arguments against the measure.

October 26, 2018

Debate on Ballot Measure 105, which proposes a repeal of the state’s sanctuary law that limits the cooperation of local law enforcement with federal immigration enforcement (ICE).

Participants include Cynthia Kendall, president, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who will speak in favor of the measure and Andrea Williams, executive director of CAUSA, who will speak in opposition.

November 9, 2018

Political scientist Ed Dover, author and retired political science professor at Western Oregon University, will wrap-up the “informed voter series” with his take on the November 6 elections.


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