In the Salem City Council race in Ward 8 in West Salem, incumbent Councilor Jim Lewis has raised about twice as much money as his opponent, Micki Varney, with 91% coming from business interests. As of March 20th, Lewis had raised over $21,000 for his campaign, while Varney had raised about $9,800

About half of Lewis’s contributions came from the local Homebuilders Association PAC that has written him two checks for $5,000 each. The Oregon Realtors PAC has also contributed $5,000 to his campaign. Only 6% of Lewis’ campaign funds have come in small amounts under $100.

By contrast, Micki Varney has taken no money from business interest groups. Thirty-four percent of her contributions have come in small amounts under $100. She has received $1,500 from two union-affiliated PACs and $1,500 from Progressive Salem.

Campaign finance reports are available for public viewing at the OreStar website operated by the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division.