Costume design for the character of Treeth, by Jim Steele

What happens when time stops and our child self meets our adult self? From Time to Time by Joseph Silva is a surreal and fantastical romp through the nature of ‘life’. Silva cleverly frames the lives of two humans, Katherine (Leigh Enger) and Charles (Tim Jaeger), within a larger world of supernatural characters who control time and interact with humans in a manner reminiscent of the Greek mythical gods. Hamilton Tick (Rob Sim) and Bulova Tock (Elle Steele) are the hilarious ‘timekeepers of the universe’ under the watchful eye of their overbearing boss Sanders (Joe Silva), who is in charge of the physical truth. Treeth (Jillyn Chang)and Shmog (Jim Steele) attempt to constantly interfere with the lives of a particular human, Charles Furst. As with any system, communication between establishments and the people in them is key and the wonderful character of  Leonard (Gregory Jolivette), the ‘mailman’, quickly establishes his role as the ‘oil in the engine’, carrying every communication ever sent in one enormous bag and all those never sent in the other, with an almost grandfatherly kindness.

The fun starts when Tick and Tock decide to play a ‘prank’ on their boss and stop time, which means, as Tick explains to Tock: ‘Time is no longer sequential, everything happens at once’. Caught within a dimensionless and timeless space, Charles is beset by the whispering forces of Treeth and her hapless gang of do-gooders and Shmog with his gang of ‘meanies’ who force him to examine his life, to consider different formations of the good—not to be confused between absolute good and evil. One might think of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, the use of ‘the Mechanicals’ and a clashing of the supernatural world with the ‘human’ one. One world is trying to talk to the other world with whispers and messages, but they never seem to get through, almost like nature trying to tell us something.

Director, Valerie Steele

Director Valerie Steele intelligently guides this large ensemble of twenty-seven from scenes filled with joyous invention of physical comedy to those that ask the sixty-two year old Charles to reflect on decisions that ten-year-old Chuckie (Carson Hunsaker), twenty-year-old Chuck (Dylan Bauman) and thirty-five year old Charlie (Ryan Clifford) have made. Katherine, the love of Charles’ life, also Katy (Emily Johnson) and Kate (Holly Beaman), is potentially the strongest character in the play, she is the voice of undying love combined with the voice of reason, even though Charles can’t at first hear this – just as he can’t hear the whispers of Treeth – just as some of us can’t ‘hear’ the truth. Silva’s play is rich in imagery, invention and design with wonderfully imaginative costumes and an intriguing set designed by Jim Steele.

Writer and actor, Joe Silva

From Time to Time is the first presentation of the Trill Production Company formed by Valerie Steele and Joseph Silva. The company plans new plays and workshops that will take place throughout the northern Willamette Valley.


From Time to Time

August 17, 18, 24 and 25, 7:00 PM
August 19, 2:00 PM

Chemeketa Auditorium, Building 6
4000 Lancaster Drive NE
Salem, Oregon  97305


Mild profanity.  No F-Bombs. Mild sexual references, Musing about Creation