St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Saturday this year, and honestly, I’m concerned. Let me take a step back. I recently watched Gangs of New York, which sent me down the historic rabbit hole of the period of time after the United States had won its independence. I knew that the Irish were coming to the US in droves to escape starvation from famine in Ireland, but I had no idea how horribly they were treated once they got here. The children and children’s children of the American Revolution considered themselves “Native Americans” (don’t think indigenous peoples) and looked upon the Irish as foreign invaders that threatened to take jobs and all the women (I added that – sorry). Sounds a little familiar? At the same time, the government wanted them to come and enlist to fight for the North in the Civil War. Ok, so what does this have to do with a music page? Well, I always wondered the point of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. But, now I more fully understand that the Irish were a big part of shaping of our country. So, I have a better appreciation for the holiday. Even if drinking green beer, listening to bagpipes, and cavorting around like a leprechaun isn’t particularly authentically Irish. Every venue is hosting music, so, you’ve got some decisions to make. Check out the list of all the shows in the calendar. Also friends, this would be a good night to take a cab or a ridesharing service. Be safe and Erin go bragh!