On February 12th the Salem City Council approved a motion filed by Councilor Steve McCoid to reconsider its decision to approve the formation of the Lone Oak Road Reimbursement District originally passed by a 7-2 vote on January 22nd.

The District provides for a method to pay for the construction of a portion of Lone Oak Road and a bridge over Jory Creek by imposing a surcharge on properties within the District boundary as they are developed.  The proposal passed after vigorous debate.  The District’s boundaries include Creekside Golf Course, the Creekside neighborhoods to the north and west of the golf course and undeveloped properties to the south.

The motion to reconsider was based on a letter from the South Gateway Neighborhood Association which objected to lack of notice, pending litigation involving Creekside Golf Course and the adjacent neighborhoods as well as alternative solutions available instead of the District.

The reconsideration is scheduled to be heard at the March 26th council Meeting.