When right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham mocked a Parkland shooting survivor who was speaking out against gun violence she lost dozens of sponsors on her Fox television and syndicated radio show. Two that she didn’t lose were the City of Salem’s Center 50+ and the Salem-Keizer School District.

Both still appear as “Sponsors” of Ingraham’s show and the other far-right radio talk shows on local station KSLM.

Also sponsored by our City and School District is Alex Jones, who, like Ingraham mocked Parkland student David Hogg, calling him a “crisis actor.” Jones is being sued by parents of murdered Sandy Hook Elementary students for claiming on his radio show that the massacre was faked.

Also appearing on KSLM are Sean Hannity, frequent mouthpiece for President Trump, and Michael Savage, famous for denying that autism and PTSD are legitimate medical conditions, and a person who has been banned from the UK for “fostering hatred.”

Salem City Manager Steve Powers says, “The City has contracts with the local radio stations to buy ad time for everything from water conservation to icy roads, to informing the public about parks or programs at Center 50+. The City does not sponsor specific programs on these stations.” He reported that in 2017-18 the City spent $1,200 to advertise on KSLM.