As the Beach Boys used to say, “Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world.” A big Blue Wave has to be the goal in the November 6th election. Our country is in crisis and anyone running for office with an R next to their name is enabling the crisis. We can’t vote out the corrupt sociopath in the White House, but we can elect thousands of others who will stand in his way and take back our country. Every office is important from Congressman to County Commissioner. Let this be the greatest Blue Wave election in the history of our great country. Here’s your “Catch the Wave” voters’ guide.



Kate Brown (D)

Governor Brown is a person of great honesty and integrity who is doing a good job running our state government. She is standing up to the madness emanating from the White House on issues like immigration and climate change. Her opponent Knute Buehler favors Measure 105 which is reason enough to vote for Governor Brown who strongly opposes it.


U. S. House District Five

Kurt Schrader (D)

We wish he would drop the tired old “Blue Dog” schtick and just be true Blue, but we are confident he will do the right thing if it comes to impeachment.


Oregon State Senate District 10

Deb Patterson (D)

Deb Patterson is a health policy expert and a Congregational minister with the brains and the values to be an excellent State Senator. Her opponent, Jackie Winters, is a classic Republican who was captured long ago by big money corporate interests. It’s time for a change in District 10.


Oregon State Senate District 11

Peter Courtney (D)

Senator Courtney is the long-time Senate President who has wielded his considerable power carefully and with good results. In the next session, he promises to lead the Legislature to do something significant to combat climate change. We look forward to that.


Oregon Senate District 13

Paul Diller (D)

Mr. Diller is trying to take out one of the most far-right Republicans in the Legislature, Senator Kim Thatcher. District 13 is not as red as it once was so maybe Diller has a chance. Lend him a hand.


Oregon House of Representatives District 19

Mike Ellison (D)

Ellison is a union electrician who is running against a Republican public relations flack who was appointed to the Legislature by the Republican Marion County Commission. Mike would bring a fresh working class perspective that we need in the Legislature.


Oregon House of Representatives District 20

Paul Evans (D)

Representative Evans has been doing a fine job representing District 20. His opponent, Republican Selma Pierce has no experience or qualifications to be a legislator except that she is married to a wealthy oncologist who ran unsuccessfully for Governor. Voters in District 20 need to stick with Rep. Evans.


Oregon House of Representatives District 21

Brian Clem (D)

Representative Clem votes reliably with his caucus though his constituents would like to see a little more energy and leadership from his office. Maybe he can work on that.


Oregon House of Representatives District 22

Teresa Alonso-Leon (D)

Representative Alonso-Leon is the only Latina immigrant in the Legislature and is doing a great job representing her diverse district. Her opponent Marty Heyen is a far-right Republican who is wrong on all the issues and has been known to carry a gun to public meetings. No contest.


Oregon House of Representatives District 23

Danny Jaffer (D)

Danny Jaffer is a solid Democrat who is attempting to remove maybe the most Trumpian member of the Oregon Legislature, Rep. Nearman, who is a sponsor of the odious Measure 105. Enough said.


Oregon House of Representatives District 25

Dave McCall (D)

Like Paul Diller, Mr. McCall is trying to take out an extreme Republican wing-nut and former Rush Limbaugh wannabe, Bill Post. This is a no-brainer for the resistance.


Marion County Commission Position 1

Shelaswau Crier (D)

Ms. Crier may be the most exciting and inspiring candidate to emerge this election season. She wants the county to take on affordable housing, homelessness, improved access to health care and creating more living wage jobs. She’s running against the incumbent and long-time Republican politico Kevin Cameron who recently moved to Detroit and is a Trumpian climate-change denier funded generously by timber interests. Let’s show him the door so he can spend more time on his boat.


Marion County Commission Position 2

Bill Burgess (D)

Our County Clerk Bill Burgess has had a long and distinguished career of community service, including time on the Salem City Council. He understands the needs of the Salem area, unlike his opponent, a Republican lawyer with no political experience who lives in Stayton. Burgess is the clear choice here.


Ballot Measure 102:   YES

Allow Municipal Bonds for Affordable Housing Amendment

Measure 102 is a referral from the Legislature that would amend our constitution to allow local governments to partner with private businesses and non-profit organizations when building affordable housing with locally approved general obligation bonds. It deserves our strong support.


Ballot Measure 103:    NO

Ban Tax on Groceries Initiative

Don’t be fooled by Measure 103. It’s really about preempting taxes on sugary soft drinks and other valid ways to fight the epidemic of obesity and heart disease. It would clog the arteries of our constitution needlessly. Say no to the Big Gulp lobby and help defeat this.


Ballot Measure 104:   NO

Definition of Raising Revenue for Three-Fifths Vote Requirement Initiative

This is a Trumpian measure that would amend our constitution to allow a handful of Republican legislators to protect monied interests from paying for education and healthcare and needed state services.


Ballot Measure 105:   NO

Repeal Sanctuary State Law Initiative

Measure 105 comes right out of the Trump playbook. It’s a racist, hateful measure that overturns a law that has prevented racial profiling by law enforcement in Oregon for over three decades.


Ballot Measure 106:   NO

Ban Public Funds for Abortions Initiative

Yet another Trumpian measure that would deny reproductive rights to thousands of low-income women and would also take away coverage for public employees as part of their benefits plans.



“You’ve got to vote. When you vote, you’ve got the power to make it easier to afford college, and harder to shoot up a school. When you vote, you’ve got the power to make sure a family keeps its health insurance; you could save somebody’s life. When you vote, you’ve got the power to make sure white nationalists don’t feel emboldened to march with their hoods off or their hoods on in Charlottesville in the middle of the day.

Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of your time. Is democracy worth that? We have been through much darker times than these, and somehow each generation of Americans carried us through to the other side. Not by sitting around and waiting for something to happen, not by leaving it to others to do something, but by leading that movement for change themselves. And if you do that, if you get involved, and you get engaged, and you knock on some doors, and you talk with your friends, and you argue with your family members, and you change some minds, and you vote, something powerful happens.”