We have a new Super Hero!  Powerful, handsome, wise, courageous, with the cunning and prowess of a panther – King T’Challa, the Black Panther.  Based in a central African paradise of Wakanda, powered by the world’s supply of vibranium, a metal with apparently unlimited powers.

Black Panther is a movie to experience on multiple dimensions.  It has the heart-pounding fast action scenes, the terrifying battle scenes, the captivating love story, the digitally created amazing video-graphics – but much more!  Black Panther asks compelling questions about how nations might best live together in our current “very small world” of instant global communication, powerful multinational corporations, and the reality that all places, things, and beings are inter-related.

It addresses the legacies of hundreds of years of black slavery and the powerful impacts of racism still poisoning the United States and other nations.  Black Panther also debunks sexism, presenting a powerful force of African Amazons, formidable female fighters, and the leading scientist is a female.

This movie declares the rich and powerful have compelling ethical and moral responsibility to help others also flourish.  It contends that all benefit when suffering and injustice are eliminated anywhere.  It introduces us to a new hero who, in the tradition of Super Man, leads the fight for Justice.

Director Ryan Coogler works with actors giving outstanding performances: Chadwick Boseman at King T’Challa, Michael Jordan as Erik Killmonger, and Lupita Nyong’O as Nakia.  A fine addition to the Marvel collection.

The end trailer clearly points toward sequels, telling new chapters in the story of Wakanda and the Black Panther.  In the meantime, may the vibranium be with you!!  Go see this movie!