Album Release Shows:

It takes a lot of work and stick-to-it to make an album. I notice there are several album release shows this cycle, and I want you to know about them. The next step is you go enjoy and buy these locals artists’ music:

Rebecca McDade Record Release. Friday, April 27th, 8pm at The Space.

Rebecca is a gifted folk singer and songwriter from Scotland, but she now calls Oregon home. She’ll be releasing her full-length album, “To Call Home.” Rebecca is very active in the music scene in Salem; formerly with the band Tied To A Grizzly, and an instructor at rock school RiverCity Rock Academy. Also on the bill is Salem’s high energy punk-a-billy Center Mass String Quartet, and Minda Lacey from Olympia. Minda’s also folk, but she’s got a bluesy vibe too. Beautiful voice and beautifully dark lyrics. All ages until 9:55pm. $5.

Warble Records All Play w/ Coronation Album Release. Friday, May 4th, 8pm at The Space.

Coronation is a Salem/Portland hybrid band who has been working on their album “Silicon Days” for a while now. Talking to lead singer Joshua Blanchard, he says that when you’ve got the studio in your basement and everyone’s a perfectionist, it can take a while. But I’m absolutely sure it’s worth the wait. Coronation is a synth based group with real drums and percussion. You will dance. And, Coronation is on the label Warble Records, so they’ll be showcasing their other performers: Seance Crasher with Kevin and Daniel Rafn, Hank Porche’s slightly unhinged ragtime piano, and Daniel Rafn’s solo project. All of these folks are immensely talented and off the beaten path and all have deep ties in Salem. All ages until 9:55pm and FREE.

Felony Flats. Saturday, May 5th at 8pm at The Triangle.

Felony Flats has been a little quiet lately, and now I know why. They’ll be releasing their new album, “Flies,” with a bunch of shows around the NW. Felony Flats is a hard rocking almost southern rock kinda thing, which usually isn’t my thing. But I love them every time I see them. Front man Timothy Harbaugh puts it all out there live. If you like the rock, you’ll love Felony Flats. Free Show.