Pitch Black Mass, Battle Axe Massacre, Cast Down, Chainbound, Blastocyst, Morbid Fascination, Nihilist Nation, Unto the Plague, Von Doom, Ancient Burials, Apophis Theory, Vintersea, and Cruciation.

 This is awesome. I’ve almost got my word count and I only listed the bands’ names. METAL! All Kinds. Progressive death, black death, skull-splitting death, death-death. “Death, destruction, murder, chaos and war!” Seriously, ten dollars for thirteen bands is a steal. Steal…steel…STEEL is METAL. See?! Also, this is an all ages show clear to 9pm, which is righteous because you should be able to see live music even if you’re not legal drinking age. Advice: stay hydrated…with the blood of the masses! And have fun, skipper! 13 Bands/$10