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The Way I Talk

By Sarah Rohrs    People who stutter are generally not known for being garrulous, and what so many don’t like to talk about is, in fact, stuttering. Take it from me. I’ve been stuttering since the second grade. I’ve spent nearly...

How to Be Funny

by Michael Townsend Smith, book review by Vere McCarty    Before we start, I would like to opine that being named Michael Smith is funny.  Some people think it is not, but Michael thinks it is.  The Townsend fits in nicely, like...

On Some Reasons for Writing Poetry

by James Merrill The reasons for why a poet faces the blank page—these are more important than the words that the poet will put on that page. And then, after the writing, the words he or she puts down are all we have. They are...

Sacred Waters

Poems by Franca Hernandez Poetry opened doors to me for political activism and lately activism brings me back to poetry. “Water Is Life”, a poem of protest, is my visceral reaction to a picture of teepees on the prairie against...


Silverton Poetry Festival Schedule of Events: Friday through Sunday February 24-26, 2017 On the spring-anticipating last weekend of February, the Silverton Poetry Association (SPA) hosts its yearly festival. The events are...

America Was Never Great

By Kendra Moe    The night of the election, my three roommates and I sat in our living room, our hearts beating and eyes glued to our phones. We checked the polls excessively, barely speaking, waiting and watching in horror as...




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