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Remember Anita Hill?

We do. She was the woman that broke down the padlocked door on the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace. And she did it on national television, in front of the senate judiciary committee who was taking testimony on the...

Why We Need Measure 97

The United States used to do big things.   In World War II, for example, we almost tripled production to defeat fascism.  After the war, federal and state governments constructed the interstate highway system, built the world’s...


What do Donald Trump, Bud Pierce, and Laura Morett all have in common? (In case you haven’t started paying attention, Bud Pierce is the Republican candidate for Oregon Governor and Laura Morett is the Republican candidate for...


City governments in the U.S. have been the most aggressive in working to end our addiction to fossil fuels and to create a renewable energy future A few states like Hawaii and Vermont have set ambitious goals to transition off...




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