Northwest Monthly Three Year Party. Saturday, November 18th – 9pm at The Triangle 

ThatKidCry at Northwest Monthly 2nd Year Anniversary Photo by: Julie Eaton

Aaron Nash aka ThatKidCry has put on 36 of these Northwest Monthlies in the last three years. He hasn’t missed a beat. I did a feature on his second year anniversary, so it only seems appropriate that I point you in his direction again this year. And this one is going to be his last for a few months. He’s expecting a double dose of new family members here in a minute, so he’s going to be busy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Aaron is a pro. He puts together solid hip hop shows that are always well-attended. This anniversary show will feature the winner of 4D Media’s King of the Mic, GrinchMobb, Diction Uno w/ Everybody Knows, Randal Wyatt, BK Live, Jeff Dank, and DJ Swone. Also, there’ll be live painting by Jonezy Artwork. Ari Andrade will be Aaron’s co-host this time around. It’s a free show for 21 and over. Don’t miss this one, or you’ll be wanting for a while.