Sunday, October 29th at 7pm @ Shotskis Woodfired Eats.

It’s called the Brainz and Butchers Tour and it’s the weekend before Halloween. This bill seems like just the ticket. I’ve never seen D.A.A.P. live, but they’re one of those bands with a highly imaginative backstory that has something to do with the 1800’s and cannibalism. They list their hometown as “The Sweetmeats Slaughterhouse.” So, there ya go. Also on the bill is Portland’s Toxic Zombie who lists themselves as Horror Based Rock n Roll. Hideous Monster is also from Portland and all three of these bands are highly theatrical and not for those looking for a night of easy listening. Get ready for some serious horror punk/metal mayhem. Also on the bill is Salem’s own Grandma Dynamite, who also put on a great show, also sometimes on the theatrical side. They must know who they’re dealing with, so it will be fun to see how they rise to the dark occassion. Only $5. I’m thinking in costume is the way to attend this gala.