If you know me at all, you know I often bitch and moan about tribute bands and cover bands. So, why the hell am I picking these two shows at The Space? It’s nuanced. These decade celebrations are what we in the biz call a “one off.” That means, all the bands learn the songs for one show only. They don’t take it on the road and milk someone else’s music for all it’s worth. In fact, I played Dead Kennedys in their 80s theme show last New Year’s Eve, and it was a hoot. Also, it’s extra fun because all different bands in town jockey to get their favorite performers from whatever decade they’re celebrating. Sometimes it’s an established band taking on a few tunes and sometimes it’s a whole different combo of players from different bands in town. It’s good clean fun and they are always well-attended; which means, get your tickets now. $5 for each night. Brandon Hill made the poster for the event. He makes fantastic show posters – please take a gander, we’ve printed it here. The poster also shows the performers and the bands they’re tributin’.