I woke up the other morning and realized that a ton of Salem bands have recently put out singles, EPs, or full-length albums. That’s exciting and I want you to be excited too. Here’s the rundown on who’s putting out what.

Jon Fro

Out From Within – EP

Jon Fro is one of the first artists I interviewed when I first started writing this page, and I couldn’t have run into a more generous musician. Not only is he constantly recording his stuff, he facilitates recording and shows for many other musicians in town too. And his reach transcends genres. In fact, he put me in touch with the hip hop scene in Salem, which I am very thankful. This album shows some definite maturing on Jon’s part, especially in the lyric category. He’s an earnest and authentic songwriter, and this album is a great addition to his catalogue. Available online at CD Baby, Bandcamp, iTunes and locally at Ranch Records and Harvest Records.

Red Spectre

High Octane – Single – Release Date Oct 27th

Chris Pelka • Vocals/Guitar; Herbie Santos • Guitar; Jacob Wrecker • Bass; Chris Vanek • Drums. Chris Pelka likes fighter jets, as you can hear at the opening of this hard rock shredder. Do you remember that 70s movie “Heavy Metal?” This song could be on that soundtrack. Available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and at Red-Spectre.com.




Wild Ire

Pho Kit – Single

Jake Mayes • Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals; Jesse Palmer • Lead Guitar/Vocals; Taner Jones • Bass Guitar; Nick Turner • Drums. In case you don’t know, pho is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup and it’s delicious. Also, it’s pronounced ‘fuh.’ So, maybe you’ll see what they did there. Yeah, yeah. These guys are jokesters, but they’re also amazing. In fact, they just won the local Battle of the Bands and took home a nice chunk of money for their efforts. Whatever keeps these guys cooking up the hits. Available on iTunes and Spotify.





Chemical Reaction – Single

Those sexy, synthie guys are firing up their engines and gearing up for a new album “Silicon Days,” which will be released in the not so distant future. They are thoughtful enough to release a single to tide you over with this first single. I’m kinda hearing some Talk Talk on this one. They’ve got a show at the Fifty on October 29th, so you can hear it for yourself. Also available on Bandcamp.




Brides (the Band)

For Charles – EP

What more can I tell you than what I’ve already said in this issue’s featured article? Well, I can show you a picture of their album. Here. Available on Bandcamp, Ranch Records, The Space Concert Club, and members of Brides.

The Blog The Celebrates Itself

Sunnyside of Heaven – Fleetwood Mac Tribute LP

This is a blog/record label out of Brazil that puts out tribute albums. This one is special for Salem because three Salem bands appear on it: Brides perform “Landslide;” Mouth covers “You Make Lovin’ Fun;” and Orchards plays “The Chain.” Available on Bandcamp.




Vortex Remover

Mrt – EP

Peter Degroot and Rob Groves are up to their ever-reliable fantasticness. U Been Reading is my personal fave and their music is a little indescribable. Yes, the Awk Rawk boys are out there ferociously removing vortices and sending them back from whence they came. Have you seen any vortices lately? Thank Peter and Rob next time you see them and buy their music on Bandcamp.