King of the Mic. Thursday, Oct. 12th @ 9:00pm at Shotskis Woodfired Eats.

King of the Mic is back! Gregg Simpson aka: Theory, has been putting on these competitions for quite some time. He started out at CCTV, then Tequila Nights, and now he’s putting on his spitting bars show at Shotskis. This is how it works. Ten artists go head to head for three weeks straight. Two artists will be chosen from each round to compete in the finale for the grand prize of $500 and a free music video. Winners are chosen by crowd vote so supporters are needed for each artist. Voters can only vote for one person a night. Votes will be counted live in front of the crowd. Three judges will give input on each performance but the final decision is up to the people. Performers include: Kriptic, Marvel, Druh Boy, Jose Cuervoo, SWC – Goboi Ent, Yuhng Vello, Goof Tuff, Steeze, Yen, and Kest. DJ Nyko will be there too. This goes 9:00pm – 2:00am and is free cover.