The credits for the Salem Cinema fundraising campaign to pay for digital upgrades won’t roll for a few more weeks, and owner Loretta Miles says there is still time for a happy ending.

A Kickstarter campaign to cover Salem Cinema’s immediate goal of raising $97,560 ends Oct. 3. Those funds will cover the costs of two of the three projectors, and pay off the balance of a loan without accruing more interest.

The good news is there’s a great chance of success, Miles said, noting that more than 75 percent has come in. If the entire amount is not raised, the entire campaign will have been for naught. With Kickstarter it’s all or nothing, she said.

Salem Cinema, with other movie theaters, was forced to convert from 35mm film project to fully digital state-of-the-art equipment to stay in business.

While large film studios subsidize a portion of corporate multiplex theaters upgrades, independent cinemas have to cover all their costs, she said.

Salem Cinema took out a loan of almost $150,000 and put up $50,000, and then reached out to loyal patrons and film lovers to share some of the costs.

Locally owned and operated for nearly 35 years, Salem Cinema features art, foreign and independent films with a goal of cultivating a vibrant film community of viewers and filmmakers.

Those who donate can get rewards that range from 35mm film trailers, posters, movie passes, snacks or a plaque on a seat or over a door in the theater.

Of the nearly $74,000 donated so far, Miles said she is “completely overwhelmed with gratitude,” and thankful for the generations of loyal supporters of the independent art house theater.

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