You know me, now. You know I’m going to pick a show that’s trying to help. This time, they’re helping the critters that got the ass end of hurricane Harvey in Texas. You can’t forget about the pets, people! This is a benefit show, so be prepared to give at least $5 at the door. There will be seven bands and several local merchants reaching out to help out the Bayou City Animal Shelter in Dickinson Texas. They are a shelter caring for many animals of evacuees and others who have lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey. In Shotskis style, there will be drag queens hosting and here’s the lineup of some heavy rocking bands: Morbid Fascination, Unto the Plague, Burn the Stage, Downtown Devils, BLACK KARMA SOCIAL CLUB , Mike Moldy & The Shenanigans , US Wage Slaves and possibly even more! There will be raffles and other events throughout the show. Do it for the furry ones. $5.