I’m going to be as clear about this as possible: You need to go to this show. I saw Green Jello last year at the now defunct Duffy’s Hangar. It was amazing. Green Jello came out in the 90s with their one big hit “Three Little Pigs.” They call their shows puppet shows and this is what they do: they pull a bunch of folks out of the audience, take them backstage and puts big paper mache puppet heads on them. Then, they are apart of the stage show. Lead singer Bill Manspeaker is a great front man; he’s witty and entertaining and you will not regret seeing what he puts together. Also playing is his backing band from Portland, Headless Pez and Salem’s Grandma Dynamite and Marc & The Horsejerks. All these bands are on the unusual side of things, and there won’t be a show in Salem like this until the next time. A note about Green Jellö’s name. They started out as Green Jellö, but because Kraft Foods couldn’t handle that and threatened them, they changed it to Green Jellÿ (pronounced ‘green jello’). I choose to refer to them as their original name because Green Jellÿ Suxx. 21 and over. $9.99 entry fee with a box of green jello.