Running a member owned gallery is a time consuming labor of love that requires balancing the needs of the member artists and consigners with the need to keep the gallery fresh and inviting to people so that they will keep coming back.  Currents, which has seven partner/owners as well as representing 65 other artists, has chosen to have five juried shows scattered through the year with carefully chosen themes designed to both inspire creativity and to be intriguing to visitors.  Their July show, “Yin/Yang Synergy of Opposites” is one of these.  Gallery partner Marlene Eichner describes their choice; “ancient and iconic Yin Yang symbol we felt would be one of those intriguing subjects, especially for the challenging times we live in.  The aesthetically beautiful balance of conflicting shapes, colors and concepts has been rendered in so many ways over the centuries.”

Asked why the group chose Yin/Yang as a theme Eichner explains that “The true artist is always experimenting; always ready to see the world in a new way;  trying techniques that shouldn’t otherwise work; incorporating old mistakes into new projects; making a mistake in an important project and turning it into an unimagined new genre.”  The duality of the Yin/Yang lends itself especially well to this experimentation and  willingness to incorporate and re-imagine what might otherwise be seen as a “mistake.”  The gallery partners hope that  “viewers will experience surprise, discover the unique in the ordinary, and appreciate the beauty and balance in the clashing and unexpected.  We especially hope that viewers will engage in conversation with each other and the artists, not just about surface depiction, but also the deeper meanings evoked by the art.”

The gallery’s juried shows are a popular venue for local artists, and Currents is projecting that about 30 outside artists, 10-15 of their consigners, and several partners will be submitting work.  They are expecting work in both two and three dimensional media. 

Currents, which opened in 2005, has grown to be an important cultural center point in McMinnville and Yamhill county.  It is the coordinating center for the yearly “Art Harvest Studio Tour,” and offers art classes and studio space for local artists in its Back Door Studio.   The classes covering a range of interesting subjects from hand stitched embroidery to creative uses of the dremel, are taught by well known local artists and can be found on the website.  The Gallery is also a supporter of  McMinnville’s  Give A Little Foundation, “an independent, grass-roots, nonprofit organization that provides immediate, one-time financial assistance to individuals and families in Yamhill County who are in crisis or experiencing severe adversity.” 

Eichner points out that McMinnville was  a finalist in Parade Magazine’s “America’s Best Main Street” tournament in 2014, and cites the restaurants, music, and beautiful art which are all within walking distance, along with easy, ample parking.   Whether you go for the monthly Art and Wine Walk, or an afternoon enjoying the art, Currents is well worth the trip.   

“Yin/Yang Synergy of Opposites”  runs through August 13.