Now available via all the usual digital outlets is a new “dual single,” this two-song performance by Sleep Millennium, which is released complete with the nearly six minute video you see above.  And not a moment too soon, either, as we are now – improbably – six months into this new world order, with O45 in charge, and all of us scrambling to pick up the pieces.  “Then you awake to find / there’s nothing here but ashes / Flying a flame that burns / a flag of fleeting hope.”  It doesn’t seem like much, but like all the people in this group, I think they’re grasping at every little thing to help keep their own optimism afloat.  They want it to be alright, they want things to get better and to work out.

Fortunately, we live in Oregon, and you can go on a band picnic, drop in on a show at The Space, and dance the night away in an nearly Built to Spill meets Flaming Lips style musical landscape where we can hopefully have some joy amid the madness.  “It’s time for a paradigm, oh something that’ll save my generation,” they sing, and we dance, and it feels like we’re all having a good time.

But which generation are we trying to save? Our own? It smacks a little of Boomersplaining at times, and as Gen X begins to cling to our grunge tropes, as we attempt to save ourselves from the earthquake that’s happening all around us, I can only hope that we’re also looking at the generations after ours, too.  They’re the ones that have to walk through the ashes of what we leave behind, after we shut the bar down and head home when the show is over.

That being said, this is a breathtaking video, and Sleep Millennium are pretty hot to trot in it.  If you run this one though the stereo it sounds pretty fuckin’ good too – and that is never a bad thing.  But it’s the video I keep returning to.  There is something in my politically addled mind that returns to the home-spun nature of this production, as I recognize locations and think to myself, “well, at least there’s something good happening in my community.”

Maybe we are finally waking up after a 1,000 years?

Maybe we’re all learning to dance again?