For years, forward-thinking locals have desired an informational hub for progressive groups, an online resource that would combine information on many different organizations and their visions, meetings and events. Perhaps a calendar – all in a one-stop location on the internet.

According to Keith Quick, this concept is being realized on the Facebook page of the Salem Solidarity Network, SSN.

“A group of us came together last November,” Quick says of SSN, “with the goal of being a coalition of local groups in order to better coordinate local actions and event. At our first meeting, we had representatives from about 14 different groups.”

Still in its infancy, SSN already includes organizations such as SEIU, 350 Salem, Latinos Unidos Siempre and Oregon PeaceWorks. Recent postings advertise a square dance benefit for Friends of Family Farmers, a Salem Says Act on Climate Now event and a public conversation on Standing Rock.

SSN is currently inviting more organizations to formally join the coalition.

“In the beginning,” Quick says, “we were a loose knit group and everyone who attended our meetings was involved in the direction of the organization. We found that a lot of people were attending who were upset at the election of Trump and wanted to do something.”

SSN is now focusing on coalition building. It is working on two projects, the first of which is to build a comprehensive listing of all social change organizations in Salem. The second is to create a website that will be a hub for activists, using as a template.

SSN’s Facebook post descirbes itself as “a coalition of organizations and individuals drawn together to resist bigotry and hate towards marginalized groups utilizing an intersectional approach. We promote treating all with dignity and respect and nurturing safe communities for all.”

The ultimate goal is a website that will list all local progressive organizations and post a calendar for local activists.