A tip of the hat to Vic Hollywood for naming this one, and inspiring the idea for this article on MyFacester+ Twinstablr with a post he made about assembling a Salem Comp.  And why not? We are at a pretty sweet spot right now for local music, and there’s so much going on that it would be foolish not to document it. So here’s my first mix tape, that you should jam around town this Summer as you enjoy the sounds of rad local music. I should mention that all of these groups are playing between now and when the next Weekly comes out, so this also works as a concert guide, too.

Side A: Dream A Little Dream…

01.) Dream Out Loud * Kylie Burbank kylieburbank.bandcamp.com

Kylie captures a sadness and and longing for something good that we all feel, and is a good way to start any party.

02.) Dreamer * Rich McCloud richmccloud.com

Rich commands audiences, weaving his musical tapestry of heartfelt songs, and continues our “dreaming” theme.

03.) Demons * Elvicious Cash facebook.com/ecmusiccash

A lot of us are looking for someone to give our demons to. Perhaps it’s a good reminder that we’re all struggling, all the time.

04.) Cheese Farm * MARC & The Horsejerks marcandthehorsejerks.bandcamp.com

Marc’s dream of a Cheese Farm is breathtaking in scope, and catchy as all getout. One of the top acts out now, and you’ll know what I mean when you see them. 

05.) Mr. Minitaur Says, “Hi.” * Vortex Remover vortexremover.bandcamp.com

Even Mr. Minitaur has dreams, even if he is stuck maze that he doesn’t understand.

Side B: Welcome To Fuck Mt.

06.) 3 [Live on Mid-Valley Mutations] * Beef Kitchen beefkitchen.bandcamp.com

Reach for your main squeeze and put on some Beef Kitchen. Don’t think, just rock.

07.) Indian Summer * The Fools maybe you can find them on Facebook?

If there is anyone active now who is working hard to bring back to the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s blues-rock migration toward heavy metal, The Fools are it.

08.) Threshold of A New Day * Grand Head grandhead.com

What do you do when you find another day ahead of you, and instead of getting introspective, you turn the indea into a propulsive party tune that is undeniable AND thoughtful.

09.) Terminal * Paste pastepdx.bandcamp.com

As we get into the back-end of this mix-tape, we become more reflective again, and who better to take us there than Paste. As most parties wind down, we usually have to face terminal realities, and Paste does it, and rocks, too. 

10.) At Night * Orchards orchardsorchards.bandcamp.com

While you don’t have to go home, you can’t keep partying forever, and Orchards is a perfect party closer. Sooner or later, everything reaches that point at night where everything is an epiphany and everything matters. 

While it is easy to get nostalgic about mix tapes and how great they are, this is also a way of highlighting all the great stuff that is currently happening in your town. This isn’t a throw-back mix; these bands are playing, now! Impress your friends by knowing who’s who currently, and when you put this on, sit back and wait for the adulation of all your friends, as they complement your exquisite taste in the latest sounds.