Le Fomo comes to Salem from Oakland. Like I said before, I’m looking for something out of the ordinary, and again, this duo fits the bill. Le Fomo describes themselves on Facebook, “dance-o-matic gender fuck wave, vibrational offerings for liberation, angsty dirty electro garage punk, dancey noise pop, frenetic synth, melodramatic + minimalist.” So get down with that. So many talented folks in the Oakland area and I’m excited to see them. And I know Salem loves to dance, so giddyup. Le Fomo puts on a crazy show with projectors and all kinds of surprises. Let’s show this touring band some Salem love, all right? Also on the bill is Salem’s Project Sunshine, their first show. I couldn’t find out a lot about these cats, but they had a video that was a rap based on Edgar Allan Poe’s, “The Raven.” So, they read. Nice. And just added is Jocelyn Paige, solo set. She is Salem’s up-and-coming songstress. She used to be in the duo Sleeperface – but not anymore. She’s forging her own road now. Go show some love. Free.