by Mark Wigg

Donald Trump has not divested his properties. The dozens of hotels and resorts around the world bearing his name are now symbols of America just like our embassies. Our embassies are defended by Marines, blast walls, and elaborate security measures. The Trump properties are not. These properties are soft targets. Terrorists and maybe some of our ‘allies’ are already planning attacks on these properties. Targeting high-profile symbols of America such as embassies or the World Trade Center has happened before. It won’t be a surprise to our intelligence agencies if a Trump property is attacked.

After a Trump property is attacked, the intelligence agencies will identify the country or group that want us to believe they are responsible for the attack. In some cases, the local government may select the country responsible. Trump resorts and hotels are in places such as Istanbul, Dubai, Indonesia, Seoul, and the Philippines. The local leaders will be able to point to anyone they want us to attack; Turkey may blame the Kurds, the Sheiks may blame Iran or Yemen, but we won’t know the real culprit. Our recent history of falsely accusing a country or people of terrorism will be repeated. With media cooperation, the American public will be united in supporting a vengeful carnage. Thousands, maybe millions will die, or…

Will we have learned from our past and follow these three steps?

• Educate everyone we can that Trump properties are soft targets. Hopefully, people will stop visiting Trump properties after they know the risk.

• If an attack occurs, ask why the public was not warned? When was the President warned of the risk? Why did the President use innocent civilians as props in his and the neocon’s drive for war?

• Then laugh when the government and compliant media say we must get revenge by bombing some poor country. They probably are not blaming the right country anyway.

Trump could prevent these attacks by divesting immediately. The loss of guests will help convince him.   As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Shame on us if we let this happen again. Laugh at their plan to start another war. How dumb do they think we are?

Mark Wigg lives in Salem, gardens, and volunteers with several organizations. He is old enough to remember the lies our government and media told to get us into wars.