I’m looking for something completely different these days. And here she is – Colleen R. Kitchen. She plays latin jazz on keyboard and composes and throws in some covers. I went to listen to her stuff and the first song I found was a spoof on “Girl from Ipanema” called, “The Thing from Mar-a-Lago.” Yes, it’s about Trump and it doesn’t sound like she’s a fan. That’s fine with me. But, that was all the spoofs I found. She has a cool sound and it’s definitely different than the usual fare here in Salem. Also, Casa Rojas is a new Mexican food place and has been putting on shows every Friday and Saturday night from 6-9pm with booking help from longtime local promoter, Marco Vandegraaf. He’s done an excellent job keeping talent coming through, with an emphasis on under 21 artists in town. Go get some fajitas and listen to some great music. They welcome all ages too. I like that a lot. Free.