This exhibit explores different approaches to contemporary, abstract art through the work of Julia Bradshaw (photography), Ellen George (sculpture) and Elizabeth Magee (painting).  Bradshaw creates topographical landscapes and geometric shapes from source-photographs that refer to the fore-edges and top-edges of paperback books.  George was born on Galveston Island, among her earliest memories are visions of tiny aquatic life, teeming in drops of Gulf water, collected and seen under the microscope in her parent’s laboratory, which continue to influence and inform her work to this day.  Magee’s paintings exist between culture and nature. By engaging with the histories of painting without strategizing an end game, she can interrogate, choose and reinvent–avoiding a signature style.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday-Sunday,  Noon-5pm. Bush Barn Art Center 600 Mission St. SE