I’m liking this – the quest to bring the all-agers into the fold continues. And it should continue. Salem’s got mad talent under 21, and I’m always giddy when I see an all-ages show posted. And so I plug plug plug. The Windermeres are coming all the way from Denver, CO to share their energetic and catchy pop-punk originals with us. Also playing is Bear Witness: a progressive rock group from Keizer. Headlining is Wild Ire from Salem, Oregon. I saw Wild Ire about a year ago and thought they were pretty good. I saw them again last weekend and I now proclaim they are magnificent. They have definitely matured and bring a great stage presence to their shows now. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and you should go see them. Again, this is an all ages show. Don’t bring booze or an attitude. Do bring $5, because that’s how much it costs.